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How can you Practice Meditation Always, All the time ?

Meditation is something more than what we practice sitting  closing our eyes.Meditation can also be practiced ALWAYS ALL THE TIME

When you start your day ,Right the time you get up from your bed start with just being a little aware about yourself. When you start to brush your teeth  be in the moment and just focus on brushing your teeth if your thoughts wander here and there bring it back to brushing.

In the same way when you wash your face ,take bath, Have food, Drink Water, Exercise, Drive your Car, while working at your Job or business, Listening to someone, Talking with someone, who can also be your children or family members and many other things which you do in a day ,you should try to wholly focus on that particular  one thing, if your thoughts start to move away try to bring the thought to that particular thing which you are doing.

By doing so slowly you will start to become more efficient in whatever you are doing and you will start living in the present, when we live in the now we will start to feel the bliss. And this is the way to practice ALWAYS MEDITATION.

Have you ever thought why do we mostly enjoy and have fun when we take joy ride in amusement park,or are Playing a sports game or are having hearty chat with our Friends because at that time we have no thoughts and we are living in the present moment.


                                                                                                                                                                                                       - by Atul Moudgil


We need to garden our mind regularly. Like in your home garden if you don’t take the weeds out regularly than its going to become dangerous for your beautiful grass or plants. In the same way we should and must weed out the negative thoughts regularly from our mind. Watch out for your thoughts always, be an observer, be conscious, be aware and weed out the negative thought immediately as soon as you see it.

Replace a negative thought with a positive one.

Whenever you see a negative thought building in your mind replace it with positive one immediately, Start practicing weeding exercise regularly and slowly you will become an expert, and you will start focusing on positive thoughts.

After your focus is on positive thoughts you will have positive emotions prompting you to take positive actions leading to positive and prosperous conditions in your life.

 And it has been rightly said “THAT EXPANDS ON WHAT YOU FOCUS UPON”. 

So if you focus upon positive you are going to attract Abundance in your life.       

                                                                                                                                          -by Atul Moudgil




Every day before starting his daily chores, he used to go on the roof top and feed the pigeons. His belief was, God is in every creature. Every Being is One. So if we feed other creatures – Birds, Animals, or Fellow Human beings – we are actually feeding our own self. Throughout his life he kept his routine of feeding the pigeons. He loved the pigeons very much. And the pigeons too knew about him and loved him. They would wait at the roof for their daily meal.

When my Dad was not at home or out at the station and could not keep the routine, then I would take over, and the pigeons too would happily accept the daily feast from me without any problem.

When My father died, I immediately took over the feeding of the pigeons. I didn’t want the pigeons to miss their daily meal. But to our utter disbelief, the pigeons didn’t touch the grains which was given to them. This continued for 9-10 days.

And then they started eating again from me. The routine continues and will continue in the future.

What was the reason, we thought? The pigeons used to eat when my father was out at the station or not at home, but what had happened now? Did they know that the person who fed them whole of his life was no more, and were they mourning? Or was it just a co-incidence?

I believe that this is not at all coincidence. According to my Dad’s belief, and according to the principles of “The Secret”, we are all connected with each other on different planes. This connection could be with humans, birds, animals or plants, or anything.

This world is absolutely all abundance, where there are no limitations.

                                                                                                                             -by Atul Moudgil