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Every day before starting his daily chores, he used to go on the roof top and feed the pigeons. His belief was, God is in every creature. Every Being is One. So if we feed other creatures – Birds, Animals, or Fellow Human beings – we are actually feeding our own self. Throughout his life he kept his routine of feeding the pigeons. He loved the pigeons very much. And the pigeons too knew about him and loved him. They would wait at the roof for their daily meal.

When my Dad was not at home or out at the station and could not keep the routine, then I would take over, and the pigeons too would happily accept the daily feast from me without any problem.

When My father died, I immediately took over the feeding of the pigeons. I didn’t want the pigeons to miss their daily meal. But to our utter disbelief, the pigeons didn’t touch the grains which was given to them. This continued for 9-10 days.

And then they started eating again from me. The routine continues and will continue in the future.

What was the reason, we thought? The pigeons used to eat when my father was out at the station or not at home, but what had happened now? Did they know that the person who fed them whole of his life was no more, and were they mourning? Or was it just a co-incidence?

I believe that this is not at all coincidence. According to my Dad’s belief, and according to the principles of “The Secret”, we are all connected with each other on different planes. This connection could be with humans, birds, animals or plants, or anything.

This world is absolutely all abundance, where there are no limitations.

                                                                                                                             -by Atul Moudgil

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